EGS Elite Retainer-Based Executive Search for High Tech Companies

when the decisions are critical

An executive or investor in a high tech company is under great pressure to respond to ever-changing, ever-narrowing market opportunities and demands for return on investment. He or she must build a world-class, collaborative management and leadership team in technology, marketing and operations that will marshal finite resources towards aggressive goals. The decision to bring on a key executive or technical leader could mean the difference between success or failure. The best candidates must be found. Fast. Because windows of opportunity close fast. We are prepared and uniquely qualified to stand with our clients in meeting these challenges successfully.

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by Bob Eiland, President, EGS Elite

"Rolodexes." Remember those? Now the word is more of a metaphor than an actual object utilized in the modern workplace. The object itself is more of an artifact, and will no doubt be displayed in some Workplace Museum of the future, right along side the answering machine.

Most everything has changed, and will continue to evolve for the better, in how we recruit and build organizations in today's corporate landscape. Thankfully, we have come to think about recruitment as a fully strategic business function to be measured in efficiency and results.

We monitor and report on recruiting: workforce projections, talent maps and skills inventories, sourcing analyses and vendor reviews, internal prospect and employee assessments developed from interview team collaborations….

We develop social network strategies for LinkedIn, Facebook, etc., and use sophisticated analytics to track traffic, how information gets shared across networks, and referral and hiring outcomes. We build end-to-end, integrated views of all our sourcing and hiring activities and channels.

The Hasn't

But what HASN'T changed is where, as they say, the rubber meets the road - especially in executive search. Executive search typically deals with the top 5-10%. By definition, there are far fewer inhabitants of this realm. And given the direct impact on company strategy and execution by this level of person, the stakes are a lot higher.

The rubber meets the road where we engage with an executive or hard-to-find technical talent who is not in job search mode, and are able to make a case compelling enough to garner their further consideration. That case needs to be:

So what HAS changed dramatically in the world of recruitment? As with all of the business world, technology and business processes, especially migration of processes to the internet, which impacts sourcing, monitoring, analyzing and collaborating.

But at the end of the day, we know we are unlikely to fill a critical high-level executive or technologist opening in high tech by spreading the word and hoping for the best. We know we need to be proactive, and find the most effective ways to reach out to what is always a limited number of people who offer the rarified credentials we seek. This is where executive search fits in, where personal experience and wherewithal, and the art of high-level engagement, are at a premium. This is what HASN'T changed.