Best Practices

Best Practices in Managing an Executive Search

It is a completely different problem to hire for the top 5-10% in an organization than the other 90-95%. By definition, there are fewer people among these ranks, and their experience/skill sets are more rarified. Given the direct impact on company strategy and execution by the top 5-10%, the stakes are a lot higher as well. This is why we utilize executive search for this level of person; and candidates reached out to and developed within the course of an executive search are usually not actively seeking a job. This reality brings special considerations to handling the search, interview and hiring process.

There is no 100% security or guarantee for success in hiring. But one of the measures for any good approach is how much it lowers your risk of failure. And if you don't at least think through your approach consciously, partner with your external resources effectively and perform your diligence methodically, then hirer beware!