Bredemeyer Consulting, software architecture, software architects and architecture

Mass High Tech, online and hard copy industry publication

TechTarget's, a leading IT encyclopedia


Habitat For Humanity International, a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to providing homes for those hardest hit by poverty and natural disaster. The charity is where fees for EGS Elite Technical Audits go unless our Consultants have alternative choices.

Playing For Change, connecting cultures and musicians worldwide, and fundraising for music schools in Third World countries

Adoption Online, information and services for everyone touched by adoption

Philosophical Differences, one of three published plays Bob Eiland has written

Super Coooper, the second of three published plays Bob Eiland has written

Star Bright, the third of three published plays Bob Eiland has written

JAC Publishing and Promotions, publishing new works for the stage

Gazebo Players, the community theater Bob Eiland founded

Encyclopedia Mythica, everything you may want to know about mythology, folklore and legend

Shakespeare Online, our favorite site dedicated to the bard

Eiland Family Homepage,

ZolaBola Studios, web design and programming